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Things I love this Week

  • Glazed walnuts  (YUM!)
  • Aquafit class (Who knew a water workout could be so much fun?)
  • The weather.  Finally, living in California is paying off.  It’s been 67 with sunshine and blue skies for 5 days in a row now….I am LOVING it.
  • The Oscar nominations.  Love everything about this.  The King’s Speech is the last movie on the list that I need to see.
  • Smoothies.  I took a smoothie break for awhile and now I’m back to making them every morning.  After a few days of tinkering, I think I finally have them just the way I want them.
  • Knowing that just around the corner we will have visitors.  Friends and family are starting to buy plane tickets and I cannot wait to see their familiar faces!
  • That I am finally feeling like I am settling into a routine.  I actually started to come up with reasons why I shouldn’t go to the gym tonight.  (I’m back!) Thankfully I couldn’t come up with anything and I’m so glad I went.
  • The fact that I actually got motivated to write a blog.  A small one, but at least it’s something.


To my fellow bloggers – join me in on the fun that is “things I love this week”.    I think I’m going to make it a routine.   It’s fun to think about the  things in life that we suddenly have a spurt of appreciation for and then to see how these change.  Maybe next time I blog I will do “Things I hate this week”.  That could be equally as fun.


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  1. I love it! At first I thought you wrote “glazed donuts,” which you know I have a soft spot for those. Keep the weekly favorites coming; if you don’t mind, I might do this once a week, too.

  2. Love the idea of “things i love this week…” I’m on it…and I just might be able to come up with a few things for the antithesis!!


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